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11 APRIL, 2014
If politicians had to walk in my shoes—they would put food in the budget!
This is what people in communities
across Ontario told us at hearings leading up to the Trial of Premier Wynne.
While MPPs may soon be running for re-election, people who receive social assistance will still be walking to local food banks.

There is a tradition that government finance ministers buy new shoes when they introduce a government budget. It is a tradition that could signal a new beginning and hope for the future.

If Finance Minister Charles Sousa wants to inspire hope in people who are poor in Ontario he will put food in the budget and raise social assistance rates high enough to ensure everyone can have a life of health and dignity.

The Put Food in the Budget campaign wants Finance Minister Sousa to know that too many people in Ontario who are poor cannot afford
either new shoes or food
or many other basic
necessities of life.

Write a message to Finance Minister Charles Sousa—tell him in your own words why he must Put Food in the Budget! Please click here to enter the on-line postcard.

Create your own individual "Shoefie for Sousa". (A "Shoefie" is like a "Selfie"—it is a picture of your shoes that you send to Finance Minister Charles Sousa). Download this action sheet for instructions.

Lead a workshop where people can make their own "Shoefie for Sousa". Download this action sheet for instructions.

What we do
Put Food in the Budget is a grassroots activist group working to hold the Ontario Government's feet to the fire on promises made—but not kept—to reduce poverty. Our broad goal is achieving social and economic justice for the growing numbers of poor people in this province.
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