NOW Magazine - Dec 13, 2015
Big-profit banks steal show at CBC's annual food drive
Their donations represent less than one-millionth of their bottom line, a pretty cheap price for a shiny Christmas ornament to deflect the attention of the public from growing food bank use.
If the Grinch had gone to the same finishing school as Bay Street bankers, he might have got away with stealing Christmas. At the CBC's annual Sounds of the Season fundraising drive December 4, representatives from five major banks took to the stage to contribute $10,000 each to the charity drive for the Daily Bread Food Bank. The praise received by the banks for their donations was, to borrow a line from one famous bank commercial, priceless, when you consider the billions in profits raked in this year by our financial institutions — collectively some $40 billion.
Open letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne - Dec 2014
Dear Premier Wynne,
When you attended the CBCs Sounds of the Season program in December 2014, members of the Put Food in the Budget campaign were in the audience. We came in hopes that you would make good on a promise you made during the Liberal leadership campaign: to become Ontario's social justice premier. But instead of acting as a premier who cares about social justice, you brought a few cans of food to donate to food banks.

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