Dear Mr Premier

"Dear Mr. Premier" consultation tour


People in 25 communities in Ontario tell a life-size mannequin of Premier McGuinty what they think of his austerity budget.    


From our tour around Ontario we created videos of people sharing how they feel.  Click on the links below to view.

The launch of our Premier McGuinty tour - trailer

Dear Mr. Premier

What Else Can I Cut from My Life

It's a Matter of Dignity

Giving Us Next to Nothing is not Working


In 2008 Premier McGuinty promised a strategy to reduce poverty in Ontario. Since then the Liberal government has:

  • Effectively cut social assistance rates — with rate increases lower than the rate of inflation

  • Increased the Ontario Child Benefit once — and then cancelled additional promised increases

  • Cancelled the Special Diet Allowance — and then restored it in response to a broad based protest
  • Cut corporate taxes — unnecessarily increasing the size of the provincial deficit
  • Introduced an "austerity budget" that cancels the Community Start Up Benefit, and threatens to reduce spending on social assistance and vital community and public services



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