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Emergency Resolution to raise the rates is endorsed at Scarborough Basic Income Consultation 


Last night members of a broad coalition of anti-poverty groups brought an emergency resolution to the Basic Income consultation in Scarborough. It passed with broad support.  You can see Richard’s 30 second reading of the emergency resolution here and the show of hands in support.

John Clarke of OCAP then urged the participants in the consultations to press the demand for an immediate increase in social assistance rates. John said

“ The situation now is urgent. Rising hydro prices and the rising cost of food are in a crisis situation. The Housing Stabilization Fund in Hamilton for example is bone dry. This crisis needs to be solved now – not by a pilot project that will take five years to unfold.”

You can see John’s 40 second speech here.

This broad coalition of anti-poverty groups is organizing to bring this emergency resolution to every Basic Income consultation session.


  • If you live in the Greater Toronto Area join us December 13 at The Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Road, Etobicoke. The consultation starts at 6:30. You will need to register for the meeting which you can do here  Register for a meeting.  Email the Put Food in the Budget campaign at infopfib@gmail.com if you will join the action and we will co-ordinate with you

  • If you live in other communities in Ontario review the consultation schedule here and begin organizing to bring the Emergency Resolution to the Basic Income consultation in your community. Email us at infopfib@gmail.com and we will send you leaflets and provide whatever support we can.


If you have doubts that the Ontario Liberal government has engaged in an endless cycle of consultations on poverty reduction see Melissa Addison-Webster of the Put Food in the Budget steering committee confronting Teresa Piruzza (then Minister responsible for poverty reduction) in 2013. 


Pie in the sky tomorrow will not put food in the budget today. Join us in bringing this message to the Basic Income consultation meetings.


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