Groundhog Day – and when it comes to Liberal promises to reduce poverty its “Deja-vu all over again”.



Groundhog Day – and when it comes to Liberal promises to reduce poverty its “Deja-vu all over again”.  

Minister Jaczek’s consultations on Basic Income finished yesterday. Another poverty reduction consultation merry-go-round concludes – with a fresh coat of paint – this time called Basic Income."


As the consultation carousel neared its conclusion in Windsor an overwhelming majority of people AGAIN endorse the emergency resolution to raise the rates now for everyone.




Richard and Lorena BI consult Jan 30 2017 Vanier Hall

Minister for Poverty Reduction Chris Ballard  stated they have heard the message in each city to Raise the Rates!


In Windsor, Richard Dalkeith and Lorena Garvey-Shepley, member of Voices Against Poverty both social assistance recipients, read the resolution calling on the government to Raise the Rates.


Participants at the consultation expressed their concern about the implications that poverty is a choice! Participants also said it's hard to see how in the short time the consult took place our voices could be effectively heard.


The letter that follows was sent to Put Food in the Budget and we are happy to share it with Sharon’s permission



This obtuse selectivism is unacceptable. All citizens who are hurting from poverty, not a few in targeted towns, is the only way to go.  No wonder the health resources are stretched and lacking. High stress, lack of nutrition, living cold in winter, criminality for food and to pay rent, jails (at $6,000/person/mo.???) full because of people trying to make more income, filthy neighborhoods, fear of violence, ......


It's so wrong in a nation that puts corporate profits and environmental destruction for cash leaving our economy ahead of those living in poverty.


Choosing to help only some over many who are in need is grossly unfair and cruel. What sick and hateful times we live in. 


This is ridiculous that so many of us are excluded. Why weren't we all given a chance at better health and somewhat less anxiety with corporate gain from our out of control bills?


The government needs to stop 'gifting' corporations already sucking billions from our resources while leaving water toxic, food  barely edible and extinct our species. We should not have to live as though we are merely tolerated and kept at bare subsistence and such anxiety.  We need to take the government to court to help all who are in poverty. I am disgusted. Time to speak to lawyers.


Thank you for all you do to try to help those of us on minimal existence.




Sharon McCullough

Put Food in the Budget


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