May 12 PFIB discusses Basic Income – Promises, Perils and Politics


May 12 PFIB discusses Basic Income – Promises, Perils and Politics

The Promise, Perils and Politics of Basic Income will be one of the topics at the Annual Campaign Meeting of the Put Food in the Budget campaign.  Basic Income or Guaranteed Annual Income is a universal policy that provides everyone with an income. There are different ways this income can be provided. People with progressive politics like it because it removes the stigma of means tests and constant surveillance. People with conservative politics like it because ….. well actually we need to talk about why they like it. Lifting people out of poverty has never really been the agenda of the right.

People with progressive politics need to discuss some critical questions including:

  • How long will it take to design, implement and evaluate a pilot?
  • Is the talk of Basic Income pilots another deliberate mirage to herd activist energy into another dead end – like the poverty reduction strategy?
  • Can we trust Kathleen Wynne's Liberal government to set a basic income level that ensures a livable income when the Liberals have failed to restore the Harris cuts of 1996 and has allowed social assistance rates to fall more than 20% behind the consumer price index?
  • Will a Liberal government in Ontario that has failed to raise minimum wage rates to a level that lifts people who work above the poverty line create a Basic Income plan that lifts everyone out of poverty?
  • How does the promise of future ‘pie in the sky’ put food in the budget now?

This agenda item will include a presentation by John Clarke of OCAP and discussion among people with low incomes and allies.

The agenda will also include the official release of ‘Food Banks Are Not Enough’ a survey of people who donate to, volunteer or work at, and use food banks. (Download Report Here).

You can register for the Annual Campaign Meeting here.

The Annual Campaign Meeting will be held on Thursday May 12th at the Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave, Toronto. (St. George subway station, Bedford Street Exit).

Lunch will be provided at noon and the meeting will begin at 12:30 and adjourn at 5:00).  Lunch with vegetarian and vegan options will be provided. TTC tokens will also be provided.

In the evening we will present the ‘Friends with Benefits’ Benefit at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander Street near Yonge and College) a variety show and fundraiser for the Put Food in the Budget campaign with special impersonations of Kathleen Wynne and Ed Clark, former CEO of TD Bank and Kathleen’s self-described ‘embedded banker’.

Musicians, poets, comedian and drag performers will entertain you. Buy tickets for the fundraiser here!

The Organizing Committee is hard at work preparing an exciting campaign meeting and evening entertainment for you.   Register now and plan today to join on Thursday May 12 with other active members of the Put Food in the Budget campaign from around Ontario.


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