May 16


Phone Helena Jaczek and Chris Ballard today to demand they support $15 and Fairness Demands!

This is a special alert to call Helena Jaczek and Chris Ballard to say you support the $14 and Fairness demands.

  • A $15 an hour minimum wage will help reduce poverty.
  • It will also allow the ‘floor’ of social assistance rates to be raised.

Ministers Jaczek and Ballard are responsible for poverty reduction.  Please call them today (Tuesday) as the Cabinet meets Wednesday. (For more information see Action Alert from $15 and Fairness campaign).

Chris Ballard 905 750 0019 (Constituency Office) 416-585-6500 (Queen’s Park)

Helena Jaczek 905 294 4931 (Constituency Office)               416 325 5225 (Queen’s Park)

Please note they do not have to be your MPP in order for your call to count. Tell them you support poverty reduction and that as the Ministers responsible for poverty reduction you want them to support the $15 and Fairness demands.


The CBC's Mike Crawley and the Toronto Star's Martin Regg Cohn have published leaked information from Liberal cabinet members that show many of our $15 and Fairness demands are being considered for legislation. But there is a real battle underway -- what we do now will make all the difference. According to Martin Regg Cohn: 


"Government sources say most elements are falling into place after public hearings and private lobbying that has pitted [workers'] demands against a backlash from the corporate sector — with the governing Liberals caught in the middle. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because cabinet deliberations are supposed to remain confidential. In an interview, [Labour Minister Kevin] Flynn hinted strongly at the direction he is taking -- if he can win support from his cabinet colleagues."

Cohn also notes:

"The provincial cabinet will decide next week how far to take the package of reforms spearheaded by Labour Minister Kevin Flynn after a two-year review, Changing Workplaces, headed by outside experts."

Clearly, there is no time to lose. What we do now will shape the outcome of the entire Changing Workplaces Review.


That's why we're asking everyone to take $15 minutes now to call, email (or even visit) your MPP.

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