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Statement on Rural Poverty - March 1, 2018

Rural Poverty Newsletter - April 3, 2018

Rural Poverty Newsletter - March 6, 2018

Rural Poverty Newsletter - February 20, 2018

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The Time is Now!

Phone Helena Jaczek and Chris Ballard today to demand they support $15 and Fairness Demands!

99.6% of the approximately 900,000 people in Ontario who receive social assistance will not be part of Basic Income pilot

Toronto Star Editorial: The vision of “basic income” sometime in the future cannot serve as an excuse for inaction in the here and now.”  

Join the Raise the Rates Coalition

Save the Date: 9am Thursday April 6 Royal Bank of Canada AGM 


What needs to be done to fix Ontario’s electricity system and economy  (And it won’t be easy) 

The Basic Income consultation merry-go-round grinds to a halt. What happens next?


Fix The Gap asks you to call your MPP about Bill 6 


February 15: Have a Heart Rally Against Budget Cuts!


Groundhog Day – and when it comes to Liberal promises to reduce poverty its “Deja-vu all over again”. 


Endorsements for Raise the Rates resolution in Ottawa, Guelph and Bracebridge

“If the 115K millionaires in Toronto paid an extra $14.50/mo. In property taxes TTC would not have to spy on poor people”

"I remember MP's staying in the house 14 hours to pass their own raise - so they can get things done when they want to"   


Asking us where to hold the Basic Income Pilots feels like the Hunger Games!


“It sure would be nice before I die to see low income people be given the means to have a decent life” Deb O’Connor 

Emergency resolution to raise the rates passes at Sudbury consultation on Basic Income as Minister Helena Jaczek apologizes for inaccessible location.

Fighting fires on the social justice front line is a little like whack-a-mole, with your arm in a sling

The Subway was Late Today

Food Banks Should not Exist, We Can do Better Than This

Small but important victories achieved by anti-poverty groups in the last month.

Emergency Resolution to raise the rates is endorsed at Scarborough Basic Income Consultation 

“Minister told to raise welfare rates instead of consulting” at Hamilton’s Basic Income Pilot Consultation

Why Wait?  Raise the Rates! And a Band-Aid Backlash

Call out for Pop-Up Public Meeting Monday Nov. 14 (12 noon) against Trudeau/Wynne Privatization of Public Assets


Bursting at the Seams:  Gala Screening and Premier

Toronto Star Editorial agrees Basic Income Pilot can be excuse to delay action on rates


Heat or Eat?  Winter is Coming.  It's an Emergency!


The bus from Coe Hill to Bancroft runs once every two weeks.


Breaking News! ‘Gnome’ Chomsky will speak Saturday in Bancroft at Fix Hydro/Put Food in the Budget Rally


Will a monthly hydro subsidy of $45 put food in the budget of people in North Hastings community?


Why Wait?  Raise the Rates!


Put Food in the Budget will travel to North Hastings County Sept 22 to 24.


Poverty has drastic impact on health, especially in rural Ontario


Demand that Premier Wynne put food in the budget as she travels in northern Ontario this week


Toronto Star readers offer to help Peggy Mills


Pensioner in rural community left in dark after Hydro pulls plug. 


You won’t believe the nerve of Davenport Liberal MPP Cristina Martins 


This is just ‘public consultation theatre, all show and no substance'  


“We want to be really realistic” or Planning to Fail


Winners and Losers 


Stop the Consultation Merry-Go-Round


Let's Get Critical


In Memoriam


Basic Income is a Phrase that can Mean Many Things.


Pauline Bryant presents Kathleen Wynne with Food Bank Report.


Rhonda Barron on the 'BIG' conversation'

Pauline Bryant calls out Premier Kathleen Wynne  


100 people registered for PFIB Annual Campaign Meeting

Elaine Power (Kingston Action Group for Basic Income) to speak May 12 

Promise, Perils, Politics of Basic Income

Front Line Worker Solidarity - Solidarity Blog - tell us your story here.


May 12 PFIB discusses Basic Income – Promises, Perils and Politics


Pauline ‘pushes’ Kathleen Wynne to put food in the budget on the eve of IWD. 


 Families Who Need Food Depend on Charity (Editorial)


“Show us the money” – Stop the Poverty Reduction Charades


Put Food in the Budget

Put Food in the Budget · 283 Danforth Ave, Suite 143, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2, Canada 

You can also keep up with Put Food in the Budget on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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