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Pauline Bryant interrupts Premier Wynne to present Food Banks Are Not Enough Report

On Monday May 9 Premier Wynne spoke to an audience of 100 at St. John’s Anglican Church in Toronto at an event sponsored by Voices for A Just Society – Wynne’s topic “Social Justice and Social Policy”.

A friendly audience, in her own riding, where Wynne could appear to be the social justice premier and ‘talk the talk’. The Put Food in the Budget campaign was there to tell the audience that Kathleen Wynne is not ‘walking the walk’.

Just after Kathleen Wynne was introduced Pauline Bryant interrupted the Premier and presented the Premier with our recent report ‘Food Banks Are Not Enough’ (see here). Pauline challenged Kathleen Wynne  saying ‘When are you going to live up to your promise to be the social justice premier and put food in the budget? (See video here).

Kathleen Wynne went on to make a 10 minute speech. Before the audience was asked for questions Mike Balkwill, campaign organizer for Put Food in the Budget told the audience that Wynne was misleading them – just as she was misleading the public. (See video here). Balkwill told the audience (to repeated applause) that

  • Kathleen Wynne talks about social justice and yet every year her government’s increases to social assistance rates every year  are less than inflation
  • Yet Wynne is proposing that then new limits to campaign donations willbe indexed to inflation!
  • Wynne’s record of lower than inflation increases to social assistance casts doubt on trusting her to implement a Basic Income plan
  • The real purpose of the Basic Income proposal therefore must be  to divert activist energy and postpone urgently needed action on rates now
  • Promises of  ‘pie in the sky’ tomorrow, does not put food in the budget today

In closing Balkwill told Kathleen Wynne that she talks the talk of social justice, but does not walk the walk.

Wynne responded by saying  - ‘I appreciate you are saying we are not doing enough. But there was no requirement I take on a Basic Income pilot. I am looking for a way to have better outcomes for people in poverty and to do better than we have in a decade”.

Balkwill repeatedly asked Wynne “If you are looking for better outcomes why are social assistance rates not indexed to inflation but campaign contributions will be indexed?” 

Wynne did not respond.

The Put Food in the Budget campaign is committed to challenging Premier Wynne in public on her claim to be the social justice Premier and will continue to demand that she put food in the budget.




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