Second Annual Fundraiser - Queen’s Park decadence to be exposed!


In support of the Put Food in the Budget (PFIB) campaign, a tell all show will pose revealing questions about the real agenda behind Premier Kathleen Wynne’s political choice through a satirical burlesque show called "Premier’s Choice: Queen’s Park Gets Decadent." 

Political burlesque performance troupe Boylesque TO* performers Ginger Darling and Mickey D Liscious will portray Premier Wynne and Loblaws CEO Galen Weston Jr. The show will imagine the decadent relationship between the Liberal Party in Ontario and corporate executives like Weston. 

Many other burlesque acts will be weaved throughout the event, please see the list of performers below.

*Boylesque TO is Canada’s premiere all-male burlesque troupe, using comedy and burlesque to engage audiences across Canada. Often political and always entertaining, Boylesque TO puts butts back on the main stage – where they belong.

Put Food in the Budget is a grassroots campaign led by people who are poor. It demands that Premier Wynne: 

1) raise social assistance rates, 
2) raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour,
3) and raise corporate taxes.

to ensure that people can meet their basic needs, while providing revenue the government needs.

**Accessibility - The Tranzac is all one level. The washrooms are on the main level but are all single stalls.**

Ginger Darling, Host

Mickey D Liscious
Boylesque T.O’s Troublemaker
Company: Boylesque T.O

St Stella – “Bendy.Buxom.Blonde”
Performer and Producer
Company: Platinum Productions

Scarlett LaFlamme
Performer and Producer, Blazing Bombshell Burlesque

Dolly Berlin, Performer

Obskyura, Performer

The Knicker Kickers – “The Knicker Kickers are Toronto's premiere CanCan troupe. They are hot chicks with high kicks. Kickin' it, old school.”
Can Can Group

Bianca Boom Boom – “The Triple B with the Double D’s”

El Toro, Performer

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