The Subway was Late Today





The Subway was Running Slow Today….but the Revolution will be Just in Time

b!_wilder.PNG is a spoken word poet who attended the Put Food in the Budget campaign meeting on Friday Dec 2 at the Friends House in Toronto. She listened to and participated in the day’s discussion and wrote this speech on the spot, and then performed it. You can see her perform the piece here! It is the official report of our meeting!


the subway was running slow today

but  the revolution will be just in time

the poets are chronicling the process

showing the lives that are on the line


here people are assembling

to demand a change of status quo

the safety net is thread bare & fraying

forced austerities for the majority must go


where is there justice in a system

where the rich's wealth continues to grow

while more and more cannot meet basic needs and people and  neighbourhoods implode


all people need to tell their stories the way they want them to be told

all people need to act on their power so inter-sectional communities can fully grow

and come to be fully supported norms, not competitors fighting for scraps

not be battling against each other to put band-aids on OUR "most deserving of the help" streets cracks


we're all fighting the dominant structure together seeking to create an accessible life for all

so that those in charge of our people's purse are finally held accountable 

to us the people, not to politicos or corporate capital colonial gains

that’s why we are here strategizing today sharing the best from all of our campaigns


OCAP is running a co-conspiracy to end the brutal state of Street homelessness

and the shelters' overcrowding and the mayor's indifference

these problems cannot be contained, things are bursting at the seams

and yet buildings are sitting vacant and unused, it’s a nightmare, not the Canadian dream


CAN is working rurally to help grassroots housing activism grow

so that people can have healthy homes that they enjoy and can afford

while ACORN is on the front lines of holding Hydro companies to task

fighting for more than band aid credits and relief - maybe to roll the hydro rates back


in Halton (well everywhere) the people deserve more than food banks to deal with food insecurity

but too many are fearful to speak up, to bite the hands that actually feeds

so we need to claim food as a human right, so we ensure people can meet this primary need-

grow our own, cook our own, create local - food sovereignty


and let not forget we must be working to change the story told by  a racist, ableist, cis hetero-normative sexist press

especially where biased,  deepened and racialized in places like Jane and Finch

we need to not be content with reform, when we know revolution is required

we need to create sustainable change and not stop ‘til we achieve it or we die




 2/12/2016 PFIB AGM, Friends House Lowther Ave. TO

Put Food in the Budget
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